About Us

Our mission is to "have the right person in the right seat on the right bus."

(Jim-Collins - Good to Great)
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According to a recent Gallup poll 74% of employers state that they hired the wrong person for the job. Gallup estimates that the cost of a wrongful hires cost the economy over 1 Trillion Dollars per year!

People get hired for skills and fired for attitude!

As an employer how are you testing for skills and attitude?

As an employee how do you know what you're looking for that compliments both your skills and attitude.

Test For Talent has designed a simple yet effective way to help both employers and employees be on the same page.

Our Founder & CEO, Jacob M Engel started his career in 1975 working for his family business and as COO he realized that having the right person in the right seat is critical for success. Currently Jacob is certified in many of the assessments available on the app and has helped organizations large and small, hire effectively. He has also authored many books of the subject and some of his online content is available on the app as well.

We aim to find the proper job for all job seekers, easily and conveniently. We allow you to monitor your application, keep track of the latest job postings and make the most of our free assessments to boost your profile’s credibility for all employers to see.

But that’s not all. After you got hired by a company, your candidate account will be upgraded to Employee, where you can access trainings that will help you get started on your new job.

Multiple features await, and you are just one click closer to access this. Register now and create your own free account.